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Let the chips fly

  I was fortunate enough to be invited to share some green wood spoon carving skills out in Cabot, Vermont last month.  Along with blacksmith Lucian Avery ( ) who began the day with an intensive lesson on knife sharpening, the event was hosted by… Continue Reading “Let the chips fly”

New Year Review: Carving Knives by Jim Wester of North Bay Forge

When I was a student at Goddard College in the later 1990’s, a friend and fellow student somewhat reluctantly let me borrow his amazing bent-blade carving knife for a weekend.  He picked it up from working with his neighboring San Juan Islander, Jim Wester… Continue Reading “New Year Review: Carving Knives by Jim Wester of North Bay Forge”

Spoon making with the staff of EarthWalk Vermont

A beautiful frosty November morning in Plainfield, Vermont.  Just outside of the Flanders Building at Goddard College, which serves as the office for EarthWalk.  What a fine morning sharing spoon making techniques with these wonderful and deeply talented folks…  Thank you for sharing your… Continue Reading “Spoon making with the staff of EarthWalk Vermont”

Lu’s Shaving Horse

Lu Neuse spent a couple of days out here in the Roxbury hills this winter working on making a fine shaving horse.  With a fire cranking away in the wood stove, the shop was alive with tools, chips, and shavings flying!  Good company was… Continue Reading “Lu’s Shaving Horse”