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Shop Update October 31

The Milk Run

A small group of families take turns driving to pick up raw milk for all of us from Jonathan Falby at Symphony Farm, an act that in many states is like smuggling whisky during prohibition. The logistics of this cooperative endeavor are unusually challenging,… Continue Reading “The Milk Run”

The old spoonmaker

I’ve had such a great time making spoons from green wood and doing all of the many associated fun activities for the last 25 years. Every single time I make a spoon, learn from or share skills with others, or think about spoon making,… Continue Reading “The old spoonmaker”

To live

Visit Daniel Marcou’s very nice blog where he has graciously posted an interview with me about spoon carving.  While there, check out Daniel’s writing about his own spoon making, other interviews, and links to other spoonmakers.  Thanks for your efforts Daniel!

8 Paper Birch Kitchen Spoon Set

Holistic Forest Management with a Spoon

People of all ages and from all walks of life and from all parts of the planet benefit from the complex living breathing organism that is a forest.  Some may never have the distinct benefit and privilege of setting foot in one, and others… Continue Reading “Holistic Forest Management with a Spoon”

Lazy Mill Living Arts

Late fall 2016, a lovely gathering of souls bent to their day of spoon carving at Lazy Mill Living Arts in Stannard, VT.  A wonderful space and kind hosts, superb company, afternoon cobbler, many fine creations: Thank you!  I’m grateful to have worked with… Continue Reading “Lazy Mill Living Arts”

Spoonmaking at Sterling College

Rarely for me in this life are the elements of a particular day so joyfully copacetic and grounding, that I lay down at the end, exhausted, with renewed hope for our species.  I do recognize that this simply might mean I need to work… Continue Reading “Spoonmaking at Sterling College”

Brother Spoon

I made my brother this Maple spoon to thank him for doing some graphic design for spoonderlust(see the word spoonderlust inset in the logo on the site banner, which features a spoon for the “p” and “d”).   It’s a large cooking/serving spoon.  Nice curves… Continue Reading “Brother Spoon”