Hi!  My name is Andre Souligny.  I found my passion for working with green wood and old tools back in 1996 as a 26 year old undergraduate student at Goddard College.  For the last 16 years, I have shared in a funky-but-cozy, stuff-filled home in the Vermont hills with my partner Heather and our three wonderful growing daughters. Our place here in Central Vermont is atop 15 acres of east-facing slope and is a beautiful mix of diverse hardwood, conifers, juicy clay soil, streams, wildlife, and ledge…the perfect habitat for these things and a few cats, dogs, and chickens. It is from here that I harvest the wood to make spoons and other utensils, milking stools, shaving horses, tool handles, and other green-wood objects.  My personal goal is to make selling my woodworking and demonstrating/teaching the craft to others into a way of life that can support our family.  Your visit to the site is gratefully appreciated!