Spoons and Politics

picture of unfinished wooden spoons

These spoons were carved green to their present state, then allowed to slowly dry. They are ready for finish carving, a light pass over with emery cloth, and finish with organic olive oil.

It’s likely that Vermont might be the only place where a person can, on a blustery November morning, pull up on a granite step in front of the Statehouse and whittle a while.  As I think about the world we live in, I attempt to remember the goals of peace, and to accept one another as vulnerable, deserving beings.  To give love and acceptance to others is to provide to them with that which we all hope to receive.  As it is with making spoons, understanding comes not so much from the words or demonstrations of the experts, but rather it comes from the practice of the basic skills.  In the smallest ways, our practices of intolerance solidify and expand intolerance.  Conversely, if we choose to practice acceptance, to embrace others rather than reject and judge them, then we will expand acceptance, tolerance, and love.  Understanding is secondary to opening yourself up to be vulnerable, to error, to fail or lose, and to try over and over.